Five Things I Loved While Reading: Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice

Hey readers!

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen is a wonderful dance that deals with the mannerisms of courtship. This novel is witty and humorous and deals with the lovely Elizabeth Bennet and her love interest Mr. Darcy. I loved this book and I will definitely make it a priority to read more of Austen’s books this summer. The next one I am eyeing is Emma. 

Let’s get started on my Five Thoughts:

  1. Who does not love early 18th-century courtship

Jane Austen does a splendid job of capturing the dance that surrounds courtship in the early 18th-century. The characters, especially the young women, gossip and revel in the balls that allow them to flirt with gentlemen of high status. Lydia, especially in the book, loves to flirt with the young officers in town. I definitely would relate the most to the spunky Elizabeth when dealing with trying to find a husband. There is drama, plotting and backstabbing amongst the women. I mean who doesn’t love some E! Newsworthy spectacles.

  1. The charm and wit of Elizabeth Bennet

Elizabeth Bennet is one the most relatable female characters I have ever met. Most women in this time period were celebrated in their manners and accomplishments. Miss Bennet was known for her mud-stained clothing, which appalled Miss Bingley. Most women want to marry for status or economic security, our spunky protagonist wants to marry for love. She is strong willed and says what she means, but she also has a tender side. She is such a complex character and that is what makes her so likable and relatable. She is my favorite heroine that I have encountered.

  1. The awkward love affair between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy

This relationship was written so beautifully and realistically. It was not love at first sight, and that is all that I will have to say about that. Their uneasy exchanges and the way they interact in the same room is charming. Do not worry, no spoilers will be said.

  1. Mrs. Bennet is an embarrassing mom

What mom doesn’t fuss over her children? Although many characters are uncomfortable around Mrs. Bennet, I felt her character was consistent with the characteristics of a real mother. Mrs. Bennet just needs to be in everyone’s business and goes to great lengths to have her daughters appear to be presentable and desirable to prospective husbands. The way she gloats about her daughters at times is annoying, but every mother does this. She is proud of her girls, and there is not much excitement for an 18th-century housewife.

  1. Carriages and materialism

This may be a really odd thing to love about the book, but it has to do with history I promise! In this time period, many people took pride in the extravagance of their carriages, also by how many they owned. Lady Catherine took great pride in owning three carriages for just herself and her daughter. It is completely ridiculous, but definitely holds true today with people and their luxury vehicles. Lady Catherine also makes fun of the Bennet’s garden. The air of superiority was very indicative of the time period and is really interesting to read about in the novel.

Read ya later!



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