Random Acts of Kindness: Gift a Book

There are kind people in this world, and I was lucky enough to meet one yesterday.

Trying to spark my younger sister’s interest in reading, I wanted to take her to Barnes and Noble to get her a few books to read over the summer. We drove together to the bookstore and went upstairs to the colorful “Young Readers” section. The shelves lined with inviting books that will entertain even the pickiest reader. I could even spot a few books I remember reading as a child. I try to steer her toward classics by Judy Blume, and even newer ones like Wonder by R.J. Palacio. Finally, she gravitated towards the enchanting cover of The Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel by Melissa de la Cruz. The emerald green dust jacket with a deadly red apple in the center is absolutely stunning. She instantly wants this book. I look at the price and I see a whopping $18 staring back at me. I explain that if she would like this book, this would be the only one she could buy. Unfortunately, she found several other books she wanted to read.

Now, I did not want to tell her that she couldn’t get any more books. I mean, she was showing excitement her eyes we gleaming with the thought of having these new books to call her own. Being the youngest of four she always gets our hand-me-downs and that includes all of our old books. She wanted the liberty of choosing her own adventures. Being a book lover, it killed me to explain that we could come back the following week and get more books once she finished The Isle of the Lost. That’s when it happened…

An older woman turned around and asked if she could “gift” us. I pleaded that it was not necessary, but she reached into her purse and handed me a twenty dollar bill. My cheeks flushed and I could feel myself blushing. We thanked her and she went back to picking out her own books.

Fast-forward ten minutes later… We are waiting in line behind her. She smiles and thanks us for letting her be an “honorary grandmother for the day,” and I thank her again. The manager then tells the line that we could go to the music department and get checked out there. So, we start heading towards the back of the store, and the kind lady followed. She then asked me if I had a rewards card. I did not have a recent rewards card, so she told us that we should all stick together. Once we got back in line she grabbed the stack of books from my arms and put them with her own. After she paid, she waved away any money that I tried giving her. I attempted to give her back the twenty she gave us, but she stayed firm. I was overwhelmed. I gave her a hug and told her how wonderful she was. She told us to go do something nice.

This woman bought my little sister forty dollars’ worth of books and gave me an extra twenty dollars to buy a treat for my sister. She spent sixty dollars on strangers she has never met. So, when you think that there are people that don’t care, just remember there are lovely people out there. There are kind people that want to brighten someone’s day, and that is exactly what she did. I never got her name… It was one of those experiences where we didn’t need to say our names. She was a woman who wanted to be an honorary grandmother. So, thank you.

Let’s start something! Gift a book to someone who looks like they need their spirits lifted. Words are a gift and knowledge is indispensable. Share the wealth and love. Share your experiences below if you have had an act of kindness like this in your life.

Read ya later!



One thought on “Random Acts of Kindness: Gift a Book

  1. This is awesome! More people need to do stuff like this 🙂 Thanks for sharing the story! Nothing like this has ever happened to me, but I have seen it happen. Stuff like people paying for other people’s lunch randomly just because. I think it’s awesome that some people just do things like this instinctively. Restores my faith in humanity a little bit.

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