Five Things Wrap Up: Heir of Fire

Heir of Fire

Hey, readers! I finally got my hands on the third book of the Throne of Glass series and that is Heir of Fire. Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas was great. However, it was not my favorite of the series. My favorite book would have to be the second book, which is Crown of Midnight. I felt Heir of Fire actually fell into “second book syndrome” even though it was the third book in the series. It was clear that Maas was experimenting with more point of views and methods of storytelling that left the book slow at times. I rate this one a 4.5 out of 5 stars, and here is my Five Things Wrap Up!

  1. The plot was slow

This installment fell a little flat for most of the book. There were times where there was incredible, fast-paced action, but they ended far too soon. The action scenes only lasted a couple of pages and left me wanting more. Maas also introduced new characters that needed to be built up. We met Rowan who trains Celaena, Manon who is an Ironteeth witch, and Sorscha who is a healer in the glass castle. The constant switch between characters made it hard to keep the plot consistent and did not leave much room for anything big to happen. However, the last 250 pages were the best in the entire series. The ending was fantastic; Maas knows how to leave a cliffhanger. I can’t wait until September for Queen of Shadows.

  1. I love the new characters

The new characters, such as Rowan and Manon, had such fiery personalities. Manan Blackbeak is fabulous. She is beautiful and deadly. She is introduced as a witch who is competing against witches from other covens to win the title of Wing Leader. The King wants to use the witches in his army because as we can tell from this book a huge battle is eventually going to go down. Moreover, Manon has been told by her grandmother her whole life (which has been centuries) that she was born heartless, however, in the book she is beginning to think otherwise. Manon is a different type of heroine, and I enjoyed her sections of the story. She is strong willed, but she shows self-doubt by questioning who she really is. Now, there is Rowan. He was not my favorite character at the beginning of the book, but eventually he grew on me. He was cocky and arrogant, but he leveled out once he opened himself more to Celaena. He started to lose his icy demeanor and warm up towards the end of the novel, and now he is definitely one of my favorite characters.

  1. It was nice seeing Celaena weak

Celaena has been depicted as a strong assassin who survived a year in Endovier, however, this book we see her defenses erode as she starts to show signs of self-doubt. She seemed ruthless in the first two books, but in this book we see a more vulnerable side to her which I think was important for her development as a character. I am also excited to see her develop more in the next three books.

  1. Friendship above romance

Maas has taken a refreshing turn and focuses Heir of Fire on the importance of loyalty and friendships. This book did not focus on Celaena in a romantic relationship. She was focused on honing her abilities and sticking to the task at hand. She was training with Rowan, and although she thought he was attractive, she only saw him as a friend. I thought this ws refreshing, and added more of a realistic touch to this book. Celaena was just heartbroken in the last book, and I am sure she isn’t ready to jump into anything new. Moreover, Celaena also tries to uphold her promise she gave Nehemia. The loyalty and love these characters have for each is astounding. Furthermore, we see the friendship between Chaol and Dorian is tested, and is proved to be stronger than ever. The friendships are debuted the most in this novel, and it was done really, really well.

  1. Also the theme of accepting responsibility and embracing our gifts is apparent 

Celaena has never been one to accept her fate and responsibility, but in this book she grows as a woman and accepts who she is. She has been afraid for so long and now she can face her destiny and her powers. Not only did Celaena mature, but also Chaol. At the beginning of this book and the end of the last, Chaol was acting kind of cowardly. He was not sure if he was brave enough to stand up for what was right, and finally he made his choice in this book. . A lot of the characters made sacrifices in this book that showed bravery and responsibility. Dorian embraced who he was and sacrificed himself for Chaol. I am anxious to see how Dorian fares in the next book. Even more so, I am excited to see more action play out.

Read ya later!



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