Top 5 Wednesday: Favorite Character Tropes

Top 5 Wednesday

Hey, readers! I was on vacation last Wednesday, so I was not able to do a Top 5 Wednesday last week. This week the topic is Top 5 Favorite Character Tropes. So, here we go!

  1. Mysterious characters

I really enjoy mysterious characters, and I don’t really think mysterious characters are not represented much in literature, especially YA. However, let me make this clear, by mysterious I mean that there seems to be more to a character that meets the eye. I DO NOT mean that they are mysterious in a brooding “you don’t want to get too close to me” type of mystery. A character that perfectly fits this would be Gandalf from The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings. Gandalf is so compelling and mysterious because we are only ever allowed to see the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his powers. However, we know there is more to him than meets the eye. He is immensely powerful, and yet we have never uncovered his true potential. I would love a series of just Gandalf and his adventures.

  1. The dorky kid who surprises everyone

I love me an adorkable character who grows and comes into his own. They may seem weak, but then one day the blossom into a badass. The first person that comes into mind is Neville Longbottom. He is fanfreakingtastic!  We first see him a young, insecure wizard trying to find his pet toad, and then in the last novel he bursts out of his shell and wreaks some havoc. What a great character.

  1. Heroes and heroines that immediately embrace their power

I don’t know if I would exactly consider this a trope, but it should be. There are too many characters that shy away from responsibility. They are always “wahh I didn’t ask for this” (aka Katniss Everdeen). However, sometimes we have characters such as Hermione, Harry, and Ron who all embrace the difficult journey that is to come, and don’t care what will happen.

  1. The good old classic sociopath

When the author does this one correctly, there is nothing like a bone chilling sociopath. A sociopath lacks empathy and usually are stone cold killers. Without giving spoilers, I will not reveal my favorite sociopath. However, this character is in Gone Girl.

  1. The old mentor

Old, wise mentors are great. I know this is not exactly the best character because he was hardly old. He is more of an old soul and that is Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Just the sarcasm and wisdom from these mentors I just love.

What are your favorite character tropes? Comment below!


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