Five Things Wrap Up: Unravel Me

IMG_0974Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi was the sequel to Shatter Me, which was the first book in the Shatter Me trilogy. This book was definitely a step up to the first book of the trilogy in regards to writing style. There were less obscure metaphors and strikethroughs in this novel. However, there was not as much character growth as I wanted in this one, but there are some glimmers of character growth that I hope will resurface in the last book. I gave this one a 3 out of 5 stars. Here is my Five Things Wrap Up.

  1. There is an official love triangle

The love triangle in this book was disappointing to me because there was no reason for there to a be love triangle with these characters. The one character, has no regard for other people, and lacks empathy. Juliette wants to “fix” him and allow him to see that he is a “good person,” however, this character cannot be redeemed in my eyes. This love triangle is extremely unhealthy and is not representative of realistic relationships. Both guys are abusive in their own ways, and Juliette seems to need a man to validate her worth, which I am not a fan of.

  1. The brooding “sensitive guy” trope is annoying

Adam is such an aggravating character. He has no likable characteristics, and constantly whines. He wants to make things right with Juliette, and she does not want to have it. Also, for the entire book he was keeping secrets and allowed them to make him a miserable person. He does not open up no matter how hard Juliette tried to reach out to him. He made the people at Omega Point incredibly uncomfortable by putting on reality television worthy performances with Juliette in the cafeteria.

  1. There are less annoying metaphors

Mafi definitely amped up her writing in this novel. She graduates from her nonsensical metaphors and writes more concisely in this sequel. Her writing is more sophisticated, and it made the reading experience more enjoyable.

  1. Juliette has no character growth

Every time I thought Juliette was finally maturing, she would take two steps back. Her relationship with Adam was destroying her, and she still felt the need to constantly cry over him. She made no effort to work with the people at Omega Point or make friends. She constantly cried about not being able to focus and control her powers, and would throw major tantrums when things did not go her way. She still thought she was a monster and had no growth. However, towards the end of the novel, we see a shimmer of badassery that is hopefully more apparent in the next book.

  1. Kenji is the most positive character

Kenji does not take Juliette’s shit. He pulls her aside and tells her she is not the only person in the world, and she needs to take responsibility. Kenji gained so much respect from me in this scene. I always found myself laughing out loud at everything he said. He is definitely smarter than we thought in the first book, so he is definitely a character I am glad is in this book.

It was not the best book, but it was far better than the first. If the next book is better than the first two I will very happy. Regardless I found this an entertaining read, but it is still just a romance book set in a dystopian setting.

Read ya later!



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