Five Things Wrap Up: Ignite Me

Ignite meIgnite Me by Tahereh Mafi is the last book in the Shatter Me trilogy and was by far the best. This final installment displayed the most character development and completed the series sufficiently. Each of these books got better as I felt Mafi was able to get comfortable with her writing style and voice. I will probably read another novel by her in the future. Moreover, there weren’t any more strikethroughs in this novel, which made it easier to read, and the metaphors were few and far between. I gave this one a 3 out of 5 stars. Here is my Five Things Wrap Up!

  1. “Stupid girl”

Despite Juliette’s fantastic character growth, she still relapsed into “annoying insecure girl” every so often. She would still continue to say things such as: “Why would I ever think anyone could accept me. Stupid girl.” No. Just no. I can’t stand the phrase “stupid girl.” It is seen everywhere on the internet when teenage girls want to whine about how unimportant they feel. I blame books such as this one that give girls the idea that they are stupid, and that it is cool to feel worthless and hate yourself. Hating yourself is so 87′ (haha Heathers reference). Seriously, though, get a grip, girl. You just need to accept yourself, stop always complaining about how you don’t think you’re good enough. Ahhh, I just really hate that phrase. If I met Juliette I would punch her in the face and say “Stupid girl, you should learn how to block some punches.” Moving on…

  1. Adam is a dick

Adam is the worst character in the world. He berates and belittles Juliette. He is mad at Juliette because she finally has confidence and enough courage to be a badass. However, Adam whines that she has “changed.” Sorry Adam, I think you’re the only one who enjoys emo, Juliette. The things he says to her are unforgivable, and honestly he deserves to lose everyone he loves. He is completely prideful and selfish. I loathe his character.

  1. Warner’s character growth

Warner had some great character growth. He turned out to not be such a malicious person in the end and gained some mad respect. I still believe that his character is unredeemable. Furthermore, we should not be glorifying guys with bad attitudes, however, he started to grow on me more in this book. Mafi was definitely trying to make her audience fall in love with Warner, and it worked. I definitely liked him a lot more than Adam in this book.

  1. Juliette should have ended up alone

I will not reveal who she ended up with, however, I will say that she should have ended up alone at the end of the series. Juliette throughout the entire trilogy defined herself by a man. Despite the things she learns about herself in the final book, she still has a lot more character growth to do. I believe that she would have been stronger if she decided to learn how to be herself and grow into the new world rather than do it in a relationship.

  1. This was the best book in the trilogy

This book contained better writing and more character development. The writing style was clearer and more concise, which made this the best book in the trilogy. It had a satisfying ending and did not leave too much unanswered. Kenji was amazing as always, and still holds the spot for my favorite character. We saw him put down his walls and succumb to pressure in this book, which was nice to see. He kept the comedy coming and never failed to make me smile. The action in this book was not what I wanted though for a final book. There was barely any action that led up to the ending. Also, the superpowers in this book were never explained, which was disappointing. I felt Mafi focused too much on the romance and less on what made this book categorized as a “dystopian” trilogy.

What did you think of the trilogy? Comment below with your thoughts!

Read ya later!



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