Top Five Wednesday: Most Hated Tropes

Top 5 Wednesday

Hey, readers!

Today is Wednesday, which means that it is time for a Top 5 Wednesday! Today’s topic is most hated tropes. A trope is sort of a cliche that is found in a piece of literature. This topic was easy to write about because there are plenty of stories with tropes that I dislike. Here we go!

  1. Love triangles

Love triangles are one of my least favorite tropes of them all. They do not portray healthy, realistic relationships. How many people do you know that are involved in a love triangle? Moreover, the girl that is involved in said love triangle usually acts like being in the triangle is the worst thing in the world. I mean come on… I’m sure anyone would love to have two people fighting to the death for them. Anyway, they are unfair and unrealistic of what love is supposed to mean. Love triangles get me so angry because the one in the middle takes advantage of both parties in love with them.

Books with love triangles: Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

   2.  Absentee parents

Absentee parents are a trend in YA literature, which I feel is unrepresentative of real life. Most YA characters are parentless, or they run around and do whatever the hell they want. That is not real life… Like what are you doing? Where are your parents while you are fighting evil and crime and shit. Also, not all families are abusive or broken. Although, it is nice to have families that are unconventional represented in literature, however, it seems to be in all of the YA books at the moment. However, this is a trope that can be done well if the author makes it justifiable. There are a lot of books where this trope is done well, but if it is not… Then get it out of here.

Books with absentee parents: Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi, Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas (Which is justifiable), The Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo

   3. Characters who die to further the development of a main character 

When characters die to further the devolpment of another character, it pisses me off. There are some characters that I grew to love, and they were torn away from me. There are instances where the author does this justifiably, but sometimes it hurts beyond belief. There is no excuse sometimes to create a character just to kill off to further propel a main character’s devlopment. Ahhh! It gets me mad!

Books that kill off characters: Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas

   4. The “John Green” trope

This is what I like to call the “John Green” trope. This is a trope in which the story is about the boy who finds the “special” and “unique” girl that takes his breath away. This trope is absolutely ridiculous and sums up everyone of his books. I enjoy John Green’s writing, it is spectacular, however, his characters fall short for me. He executes his stories so well, and he isvery talented. However, I can’t read his books because of his characters… they can sometimes be douche canoes.

Books that feature this trope: All of his books

  5.  Instalove

This is the most aggravating tropes of them all. There is no way you fall in love with someone you just meet. There is no possible way. I understand instalust, but instalove is just unrealstic. If two characters meet, and then instantly profess that they would die for each other, I instantly cringe away. There is nothing healthy about realtionships like this. There is a progression to love. Yes, you may really like someone when you meet them, but you’re not ready to say you love them just yet.

Books that feature instalove: Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi and Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

What tropes do you hate? Comment down below and discuss! Also, check out my BookTube channel with Quirkymadsreads. Happy reading!

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7 thoughts on “Top Five Wednesday: Most Hated Tropes

  1. Hands down, this list is awesome. I can agree and do agree with every single point you made in this post. Sometimes, depending on how the plot is handled, I can get into it, other times? No. And instalove kills a plot more me from the get go.

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