The first series that ever sparked my attention to the mystical world of literature was Harry Potter. I was in second grade, and I needed a book to read for quiet time in class. The solidarity felt with the characters, especially the lovely Hermione, was indescribable. I was hooked; after Harry Potter I devoured every book I came across. I made friends with Ella Enchanted, the Baudelaire orphans, and the Pevensie children. My childhood was defined by mystery and fairy tales created by the magic of reading.

My passion for reading has not stopped, and I continue to snuggle up with a book and a cup of coffee. I enjoy the delicate art of writing and I have come to cherish the creativity that authors put into their work. Reading has become so much more over the past years, and I have learned so much about the heart and soul that goes into pieces of literature. From poetry written by Gary Soto to classics by Charles Dickens to modern novels by Sophie Kinsella.  Ever writing style is unique and every author brings a story that is worth telling.

 In addition to my love of literature, I am studying history at a University. I am currently an undergraduate student. There is nothing like analyzing documents written thousands of years ago whether it is a list of daily activities of serfs or reading Common Sense by Thomas Paine. The Founding Fathers I have come to realize were very sassy men. I would love to work for a publishing company that deals with historical texts or historical fiction. The best place to hone my writing skills is a blog. I am excited to see where the remaining years of my undergraduate studies takes me, and I am ready to take on further challenges and most likely, many more years of schooling.


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